Whole life coaching for women who are ready to raise lions, raise their vibration, & raise the standard of their way of life. To lead with love and to guide generations into authenticity.


"Do you ever find yourself in awe that God has granted you one of the most important jobs in the world; being a parent. You have become a guiding light responsible for the shaping and upbringing of another human. Your past is the past, and the present is where you are now. What can you learn from these experiences that will reap benefits for your children's future? How can relearning life become the most powerful asset you give yourself? We are responsible for the society we create. Let us not lose that privilege nor take advantage of it; we are essential."
-Bri Neely



I help women restore their health in mind, body, and spirit so that they can live with fulfillment and reclaim their generational legacy.

For decades, women have had to fit a precise description of their role, misaligning them with their true purpose and accepting things as good enough. I have witnessed the long-term effects of sacrificing self-care and aligned purpose throughout my ten years of working in the healthcare field, specifically with Alzheimer's. My personal life has also shown me many of the effects our generational patterns and conditioning have on us.

In the United States, 5 million people have Alzheimer's, and 3.2 million are women. I can believe this, as I have witnessed far more women suffering from painful diseases like Alzheimer's. From my observation and studies, I can testify that dis-ease forms from the lack of self-love/care, misaligned purpose, and unconscious awareness of the wiring embedded inside us, ultimately passing these traits down generation after generation. Therefore, my soul's purpose has transpired into becoming a leader in healing our homes, helping women restructure their minds, restore their bodies, and reframe their spirits, discovering their authentic selves and leading with love.


My experience in Alzheimer's care, running a daycare, being a nurse in today's modernized healthcare, and having children of my own has fueled my heart with a passion for wanting more. My life has been a constant learning experience from work and my upbringing. I have witnessed how our systems set us up for failure, I see how they are the root of our problems, and I will no longer stand for what is not working, for the children of the world need us to rise and change the way we view our standards. 
I am here as a coach, motivator, and a friend, for I know that the wisdom I have gained from my struggles has become part of my purpose. In a society that has trained us on what to believe, I want to help you step back, discover your true authentic self and reclaim your life again. How we live is how we ultimately shape our children; let's lead with confidence, fight for what is right, and show nothing but passion and love along the way.
The world needs us to stop, think, and focus our energy on what is essential. No longer can we keep sitting back and play a role as part of the problem. It's time we revolt and be part of the solution! The time has come to bring healing back into the home, heal your mind, heal your body, heal the world; you are love.