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Her personal and professional experiences have given her a wealth of knowledge on how absurdly wrong we have been told to live our lives. She has spent a decade as an aide and a nurse in the healthcare field, specializing in Alzheimer's care. This work has been highly heart-wrenching; having to watched loved ones transform into someone they are not, battling daily life and not understanding who they indeed are; their bodies are present, but their minds are elsewhere. Yet, this work has been part of her motivation for change. Her reason for becoming a nurse was to nurture and heal, and instead, she found herself becoming a pill pusher who had no extra time to offer my patients. She was always short-staffed and always under high stress, and she knew she needed to find a better solution. That's when she decided to go to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and study health coaching. She wasn't exactly sure what would come of this, but she knew she needed more, and this became the start of finally following her heart.

This journey led her to a deep understanding of the world around her. Realizing that all the big industries were connected; food, pharma, and healthcare. Her oldest daughter's health issues were now making sense, noticing that disease-causing foods are geared towards children, ensuring they become patients for life. Health care is not health care; Bri would define it as sick care. Health care is digging to the root of your issue, not suppressing it. You cannot have the physical without the emotional, so Bri is very passionate about emotional health. 
Emotional health isn't a big topic in our society. Instead, our symptoms are placed in categories and labeled as mental health. In Bri's household growing up, essential feelings weren't exactly talked about, and she believes that many can relate to this; you just pushed your feelings to the side and moved on. Her anxieties, unstable personality, and addictions were due to her not dealing with her emotions. It was easier to cover up the issues rather than facing them head-on, taking the suppressed route, the only one she had ever witnessed, but I can promise you that this route catches up to you real fast. Bri's life became a mess; partying way too much, blowing money foolishly, allowing abusive relationships to run her life, and just placed herself in deplorable situations a lot. This wasn't healthy, and this was not who she wanted to be.

She is uncovering her authentic self every day, growing into an extraordinary human who faces her generational traumas to ensure there is restoration to her roots, changing the story in honor of ancestors, herself, and her children. Her worth has far exceeded what she ever believed to be accurate. She values exploring nature with her girls, getting their hands dirty, and seeking the beauty around them. She enjoys paying attention to the signs of the universe, believing she was placed on this earth to help others. She offers a great deal of knowledge and insight through her past experiences and work. Her goal is to cause a ripple effect by providing others with a positive outlook on their lives, proving to them that they hold a significant purpose in this world. She's weird but has incredible energy, seeing the good in the world, and being part of it as well, pushing for change and pushing for more every day, believing that life is too short to waste any time. She's a homeschooling mama, and although it is challenging, she knows it is going to be so worth it, she brought these humans into the world, and she knows that God chose her to be their teacher of life, offering a learning style that they cannot receive at a desk.

She seeks connection, and wants to raise empathic children with other badass moms, and believes that empathy is the missing ingredient for a thriving future. She loves learning new things and making connections in all forms, expanding her mind and allowing herself to offer more to others. A firm believer that getting back to the basics of life is where the world needs to be. She provides an understanding that health and wellness aren't as hard as it made to believe, that your well-being is determined by your state of emotional health, that dealing with your underlying issues is the key to successful health. Natural is normal, and she believes that our creator did not make us this dysfunctional; man has just programmed us to think in that way. Bri is tired of watching the suffering around her, and to anyone ready for change, she stands here with open arms, ready to help you love yourself and see nothing but the beauty around you!

You are worthy of extraordinary things; quit allowing yourself to think any differently!
You are loved more than you realize. Find your people. I'll be your people. 

Divine Healing


We have become too distracted by the world's chaos, only to realize that we ultimately contribute to the problem; healing starts at home.

To the moms of the world, you're my hero. I know how hard it can be to raise a family, work full-time, make meals, do household chores, and everything else that gets thrown at you along the way! Thank you for being so damn dedicated to trying your best and taking care of everyone else, but guess what, it's time you take care of yourself. 


When we dedicate our lives to taking care of everyone, we find ourselves becoming depleted, bitter, take on addictions, have sickness arise, and unable to give enough time and love to our children. Your self-love matters, mama. Do you want to show your children that mothers are the carriers of all problems? That moms have to give up on themselves to take care of everyone else's needs? Or that moms have to sacrifice their dreams to raise a family? I don't believe so. 


As a society, we have spent far too much time disconnected from our true authentic selves. When we spend our lives disconnected, we run on autopilot, and when we run on autopilot, we are just living out habits and patterns that have wired inside of us since childhood.   


Be the mom who quits looking outside of herself for the answers. Instead, grow awareness that all the answers lie within. Reconnect with your authentic self and discover that your habits and patterns are not your own. Heal from within, dig down to the roots, and understand the mind and body connection. Cleanse your home, and become the most present and loving mother you can be.