Dear Ancestors

I have received clarity on the hardships you've faced, realizing that I've been carrying them as my own for 28 years. It hasn't been easy suppressing your dreams to be of service to others, believing that it is selfish to think any differently.

Years pass with hopes of change, but you only find yourself building thicker scar tissue and resentment around your heart, making you bitter with the world around you. Your body seeks more, but your mind speaks differently; it says to you in all the ways you have been communicated to in the past, believing you are not worthy of great things, believing that you are not a remarkable human being. These thoughts take over your life, enslaving you as a product of this world rather than a person who saves the world.

The negative emotions surrounding your mind hav

e now taken a toll on your physical body. Your body becomes as weak as your mind, your back aches, your legs hurt from going the extra mile to ensure everyone is satisfied, and your hands throb from giving to others that's didn't deserve your service.

I praise you for your sacrifice, but I will no longer carry your burdens. I found myself following in

your footsteps, and with all respect, I will not allow that to happen anymore. I'm putting an end to our traumas, seeking more for myself, and seeking more for our future. I will live a life that cares for my heart, leaving no room for demoralizing opinions.

I know you have prayed for this; I also have prayed for this. No longer will I allow negative thoughts to consume me; I will ensure that I live

a vibrant life that makes you proud. So be at peace and know that your prayers are becoming my reality because I will take the stand, and I will make the changes we have longed to receive. Our offspring will be emotionally healthy, and they will understand the importance of a resilient mind and how to treat themselves with respect before ever given to others. I know this because I am raising a new generation.

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