My Reason's Why

Value is a noun that many do not stop and reflect on. Value is something that many of us have strayed from due to the mayhem of the world. I have been one of those individuals consumed by the viruses embedded in our environments.

Viruses transform you and govern you to suit their needs, giving you no room to recognize your own. You become weak, filling yourself with guilt and shame. You question yourself and consume your mind with toxic thoughts that feed no value to your soul- you have become part of the epidemic.

In this world, there is good, and there is evil, always has been and always will. Good is genuine; it stays calm and gives every living thing a fair trial. Good is love; it is showing and saves no room for self-pity. It brushes its shoulders off and seizes the day. Evil is quite the opposite; it is artificial and thrives off our pain. Evil crystalizes your mind and flourishes from your confusion, anger, and hate. It sickens your body, making you vulnerable to consume the negative around you.

You see, when we feed the evil, we are losing touch with our lives, our creator, and ourselves. We are selling our soul and allowing the hate to grow. Generations have been spent with no values, allowing ourselves to the conditioning of what is right and who we are. We have lost sight, allowing ourselves to be damaged and stay damaged, feeding it to the next generations, and continuing to allow ourselves to be categorized and conditioned.

Consider school as an example. You are a young kindergartener thrilled about going to school, meeting new friends, and learning new things that make you feel proud of yourself. As the years pass and the kids are growing older, the love of learning dwindles. School becomes more like a chore, causing stress and discouragement in the young mind. Insecurities rise, and children become confused about themselves, feeling out of place if they disagree with the majority-ultimately becoming categorized and conditioned.

We get thrown into these categories' whether we believe it or not: the jock, prep, druggie, slut, weirdo, nerd, or the teacher's pet. These assumptions navigate your whole being, allowing others to determine who you are. We become hostile to those who are not "one of us," finding fake as a social norm. Already, we are judging and making presumptions of our peers- separating one another.

These categories have stories behind them and reasoning for their behaviors, whether it is right or wrong. Home-life and school life should be safe places to feel love, guidance, joy, and togetherness. Instead, we have planted an abundance of scar tissue into our bodies and the bodies of others, allowing good to be infrequent and evil to be our supremacy.

We as a society have allowed such a virus to consume our souls and consume our minds. We have found it more intelligent to follow the crowd than trusting ourselves, placing confusion in all areas of our lives. I disagree with our cultural roots that have been engraved into our minds; looking back, I never did agree. The present me realized that I lived a life full of confusion. confusion of who I was, what I valued, and what I deserved. My confidence was small, and my morals were little to nothing. I had no self-love making it impossible to love anyone or anything around me -the virus had consumed me.

The silver lining of the story is that we all can heal from whatever life has thrown at us. As I heal and understand more, I find myself hugging my younger self and forgiving her of all the wrong-doings that occurred. I am not who I was, and it doesn't label who I am today; I forgive me. I know that I am worthy of so much, and I so over allowing others to tell me any differently. It's my journey, and I am who I am. I know that I will not please everyone, and that is ok; because I strive to live a life with a soulful purpose, and I will continue to grow and plant seeds along the way. I will stay whole, and that is what I truly value.

Staying whole will allow me to be the most outstanding teacher to my girls and hopefully others along the way- another value of mine. I aspire to inspire, placing roots to support the generations to come. As I pay attention to the world around me, I see nothing but hurt and confusion. I want to end the continual cycle weaved into our genes. I want to suppress the virus and cultivate the good, bringing us back to understanding what life is all about.

The kids need us, and we need the kids. We need to be their handbook in navigating them through this puzzling world. We need to quit allowing our kids to follow in our shoes and instead help them find their unique place in this world. I value teaching my children self-love; without self-love, you truly cannot love another. I will do this by ensuring I always love myself. I am their person; even on bad days, I know that they cherish me, which is a daily reminder I give myself. I aim to instill confidence in their choices, knowing I will always be there for them, but only they can choose what's best for their soul. I want to guide them in following their heart and understanding the power of their mind.

Connection-another value of mine. You can disagree with me, but I believe this is something we all value. To me, a connection isn't a relationship you dread being around yet are kind in their presence. It is not someone you have befriended just because you both live in the same social category. Connection is truth, and it holds no room for judgment; instead, it holds room for love and support. It surrounds you with good energy and allows you to be yourself.

Connection is the most incredible tool you can have while growing as a person. It will enable you to collaborate ideas and thrive from within, giving you the motivation to be the best version of yourself. I value my connections; they make me a better person. I thank all of you who have stood by me, and I thank the moms out there who inspire me. Connecting with other moms is always fun, especially the ones that aren't perfect like me. By connecting, we help each other out in more ways than one. We should always be supporting each other rather than comparing each other. All of us have gifts that can be of value to one another. Let's not conceal these gifts; instead, let's share them. I speak to all humans, actually, not just the moms!

It is essential to understand that viruses do not like when we connect; because when we connect, we become stronger and wiser. Viruses need us weak and enslaved to our minds. The virus is constantly trying to consume us with cruel beliefs; don't feed it, or it will continue to grow and leave you living in constant disappointment. Clear your mind and listen to what your soul tells you. Allow others in and understand the beauty of why they are on your journey.

When you clear your mind, your life becomes healthier, which brings me to my last value- my health. Health is so much deeper than diet and exercise; while both are important, it takes so much more than that. Being aware of what you are consuming is everything to your health. All consumptions matter: food, relationships, thoughts, what you watch, work, your environment-it all takes part in your health and overall well-being. Our conditioning has left us to think that health is simply a diet plan and an exercise program, or sometimes in pill form- but it is a lifestyle.

Understand that changing habits you have been doing for years isn't a quick fix to better health; it takes daily work and daily commitment. A quick fix is a trip to the doctor's office to let them tell you what's wrong with you rather than you being in-tuned with your own body. Doctors are not trained to take a deep look at your daily life and help you find a strategy in achieving proper health and happiness. Instead, they will run tests on you to try to see what is wrong with you; more than likely, they will not find anything unless you have avoided your pain for too long, and it has now become a dis-ease. If that is the case, you will become a product of their system, offering pills, surgery, or invasive testing- until the next time.

As one of my beloved doctors has stated," If you don't make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness" -Dr. Amen. I no longer find self-love as being selfish or eating right as dull. I am grateful for my time in western medicine; it has validated my intuitive thoughts on the malpractice that has been going on for generations.

As stated previously, viruses manipulate our beliefs, making us feel like we cannot understand for ourselves. When we consume toxic foods, toxic environments, and toxic people, we only hurt ourselves and give the virus precisely what it wants, creating an epidemic fueled by dollar signs and cruel intentions. In my opinion, western medicine is a blessing to emergency care, and that is all. I understand the perplexing problem they have created, and I know why we are in such a crisis today. I value my health, and I appreciate helping others get healthy. Your health is the best gift you can give yourself; it's the best gift you can give your family.

I write this not only for you, but it is also a constant reminder to myself. In such a world, it can be easy to lose track of your values, that's why I propose you write them down as I have done. Values are your motivation to keep pushing through and gives you a more precise understanding of your why. Remember that your soul is more robust than any virus can ever be; you have to pay attention to which one is being fed.

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