Why Coaching? 

My time working in healthcare has shown me how confident we hold our health in others' hands. If doctors inform us of something, we usually comply because we feel like the doctor knows best, and let's be honest,  a lot of those terms they use are overwhelming to us. But what we need to understand is that a majority of our doctor's education is taught to take the pharmaceutical approach rather than the holistic approach. From all my experience, I can tell you what method works and what is failing us. Coaching offers guidance into your health care choices, answering questions honestly and giving you information that makes sense. It's having someone hold you accountable and keep you motivated to move forward in your wellness journey. We dig down to the roots and understand your why, healing the issue rather than throwing a band-aide on it. Coaching is the answer to a brighter future; it's time to educate individuals on how to care for themselves and uncover their authenticity rather than being told who they are and what they will become. You are in charge of your life, no one else. 

Why Me?

I carry a decade of experience in end-of-life care. I've witnessed the result of following the standardized practice. I am here to advocate for my residents who didn't know any better and educate others on the importance of caring for themselves through mind, body, and spirit as they are all connected. I'm dedicated to changing the pathway for our children by healing wounds, consuming correctly, living vibrantly, and leading in authenticity. I want to see you thrive and become the best version of you, for we are the leaders of a new generation who needs us to be at our very best. As your coach, I will care for you as an individual, seeing you as a person rather than a patient, nurturing your symptoms rather than masking them, and showing you what's possible rather than what's inevitable. Only you can truly heal yourself, and I would be honored to guide you along the way, offering my wisdom, my personal experiences, and my heart to those who are ready for change. 

Why Now?

Because waiting will only cause more anxiety, more depression, and more trauma in your life, the time is now to take action and reclaim your life. You deserve to live a life that feels right, which feeds the soul rather than depleting it. Making healthy and conscious choices now will not only set you up for a successful future, but it will also cause a ripple effect in the way our society functions. The best thing we can do for the children of our future is to show them how to heat our homes. To love yourself completely, to lead with passion, and to be present on the journey of living. It's time to change the pathway and understand how true healing works. I stand for you and being the best damn teacher along the way, as I know the potential you hold within. If you are feeling lost within yourself, depleted of the business, anxious about the unknown, or are just downright not okay with where your life is at, let's connect and see how we can create an action plan and get you on the path that has been longing for you.


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